The Mission

The Entrepreneurial Foundation for the Greater Good is a platform created by entrepreneurs to collectively get more involved with humanitarian and environmental projects around the world.

Once we have experienced a certain amount of success as entrepreneurs and want to start contributing back to the greater good, this foundation provides a platform for us to get involved by providing support and expertise.

Along with our collective contributions, we travel to project sites on a yearly basis to experiencing them first-hand.

The Connection

We visit each project at least once a year which gives us the opportunity to perform a “wellness check.” During our wellness checks we experience the culture, food, people and places we support.

During our project visits, we get our hands dirty, we help the people with our own hands, we hug them and eat with them, we get to know them. With this type of approach we are able to understand the needs of our projects at a much deeper level.

This type of deep understanding gives us the ability to collaborate with project staff and help develop innovative solutions to complex humanitarian and environmental problems.

The Adventure

After spending a couple of days at a project site we set off for a couple days of adventure (as if project sites are not adventurous enough).

These adventures provide an opportunity to process what is learned from our project sites and plan future action while experiencing some of the most amazing places on earth. These experiences give us the opportunity to network and collaborate with fellow entrepreneurs who think big and have vision way beyond themselves.

Although these trips are fun and adventurous, they are not vacations; these trips provide deep immersive experiences and can be life-changing.  Take action here to start your journey.

Much More Than Just Financial Support

We don’t blindly support the projects we are involved in.  We vet each project to make sure 100% of our support is going directly to the people and places in need.

We have close relationships with staff on the ground, we review the books and leverage our entrepreneurial experience along with our support. We use our combined skills and experiences to provide assistance and help project staff create innovative solutions for humanitarian and environmental problems.

If you know an organization that is making a positive impact on humanity that could be a good fit for our support, take action here.

Greater Joy

There are few things in life that bring greater joy than helping others without expectation for anything in return.

The Entrepreneurial Foundation for the Greater Good provides an avenue for entrepreneurs who think big and want to get involved with humanitarian and environmental projects around the world and fully experience the deep joy of giving.

Here’s how it works:

  • The members of our organization choose the projects we support.
  • Each member chooses which one of our projects to allocate their contributions to.
  • Each member has the opportunity to visit the projects they help support.
  • We limit the support group of each project to ten entrepreneurs.
  • Once a project has ten supporters we start vetting new projects to add to our portfolio.
  • We only support projects that allocate 100% of our funding directly to the people and places in need.
  • We look for projects that can leverage our collective entrepreneurial energy and improve the lives of people through education, nutrition, infrastructure, technology, housing, health education, health facilities, environmental solutions and family support among others.
  • Members engage in our projects through monthly support which can be contributed in a variety of ways including financial, expertise and products & services among others.
  • We allocate 100% of our funding to our projects (we have zero overhead).
  • Each member has the opportunity to visit project sites at least once a year along with a group of fellow entrepreneurs who support the same project.

The Commitment

We are committed to creating significance and improving lives around the world.  We use our collective entrepreneurial energy to support worthy causes in order to contribute back to the greater good.

We are not just supporters, we are a group of doers and innovators; we solve problems and get our hands dirty. We think big and we are committed to creating deep connections with people and places all over the world.  100% of our funding goes directly to projects we have vetted; we have zero overhead. 

Anything our organization needs to run internally is donated by our members.  If you are interested in making a commitment to the greater good you can take action here.

Areas of Support

The Entrepreneurial Foundation for the Greater Good is seeking organizations that allocate 100% of funding to operations on the ground.  We fund projects that have direct impact on people and places around the world that can benefit from the collective experience of entrepreneurs who have shown a history of accomplishing big things.

We are a group of innovators and doers; we want to help you make an impact on your part of the World.








Interested in getting involved?

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