2020 EFFGG Project Trip

African Deep Bore Water Wells and Gorilla Trekking

The last week of August we will be traveling to Murundu to check up on our deep bore water well project and the school we support in Murundu and then travel deep into the African rainforest to trek among a family of gorillas.

Project Site Experience

Although this trip will be full of fun and adventure, it will not be a vacation. Be ready to be part of a deeply immersive experience, interacting with the people we help support. We will get to know the people by eating with them, hugging them and getting our hands dirty. An experience like this can be life-changing.

Gorilla Trekking Experience

After spending some time at the project site in Murundu, we will set off for an adventure deep into the African rainforest to spend some time observing a gorilla family.  We may get to see other large African animals such as elephants and hippos.

This gorilla trekking adventure will provide an opportunity to process what we learn from the project site and make plans for future action while experiencing one of the most amazing places on earth. 

Network & Collaborate

These experiences give us the opportunity to network and collaborate with fellow entrepreneurs who think big and have vision way beyond ourselves and want to contribute back to the greater good

This trip is organized by effgg.org founder Eric VanZwieten

Direct questions to eric@zasady.com 614-554-4385

Cost & Availability

Approximate Cost for all flights: $2,300 (flights are self-booked to Ndola, Zambia and returning to the US from Entebbe, Uganda - Lake Victoria)

Approximate cost for all adventure related activities: $2,900 (paid directly to Go2Africa Expedition Reservations)

Approximate cost for accommodations near Murundu: $500

8 total spots available on this trip. 

Only a few spots still available, request a spot on the trip below.



Depart USA


Travel from Ndola, Zambia to Mufulira


Visit a deep bore water well and a local church near the Congo border

Meet Tannen VanZwieten (Head of the Murundu Project) and eat local food with the local villagers

Visit families in Murundu and have dinner with them in their mud huts


Participate in classes at the Debbie Joy School

Serve the school children lunch


Visit deep bore water well sites


Travel to Kigali, Rwanda


Safari travel to Bwindi National Park in Uganda

Stay at Chameleon Hill Lodge overlooking Lake Mutanda


Gorilla Trekking in Bwindi National Park

Our trek will be led by professional guides and trackers.  Once a Gorilla family has been located, it may be possible to spend an hour observing them from very close range and possibly even interacting with them, watching their very human gestures, interactions and emotions.  Spending time with a family of wild gorillas can be a life-changing experience.


Golden Monkey Trekking in Mgahinga National Park

Local guides will take us through the bamboo forests of the Mgahinga National Park in search of the golden monkey. Golden monkeys live in bamboo vegetation towards the base of the volcanoes. They are very sprightly creatures and can be very entertaining at times.


Local cultural experience and travel to Lake Victoria

Depart from Entebbe, Uganda (Lake Victoria) back to the US


Arrive back in the US

Request a Spot

Only a few spots still available, request a spot on the trip here.
Direct questions to eric@zasady.com 614-554-4385

Murundu Trip Report

My life changed the day I walked through the gates of a school in a remote village of Africa.I heard stories about the school many years ago and started following their progress, but I finally got a chance to see it for myself. My cousin Tannen started the school about 10 years ago and her story is extraordinary.

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Murundu Trip Report