Foundation Members

Foundation Members

We are a small group of entrepreneurs using our collective experience and resources to contribute back to the greater good. We are expanding our foundation to include entrepreneurs with a diverse set of expertise in an effort to provide value to the projects we serve.


Eric VanZwieten

Eric is a founding member of the foundation and has been an entrepreneur from a very early age.  He started his first company at the age of 19 and still owns that company today.  Eric has started several successful business over the past 25 years and is an investor of small local businesses.

In 1993 Eric started Technicare which is a residential services business which has employed hundreds of outstanding people for over two decades.  Technicare serves over 30,000 customers in Columbus OH, Atlanta GA and Louisville KY.

In 1996 Eric started Adventure Dynamics which was a rock climbing and mountaineering guide service focused on facilitating executive teams to improve operational efficiency through experiential education in adventurous settings.

In 2000 Eric helped start ForeAction which is a consultancy in Silicon Valley which helps provide COO functionality to venture-funded startups.

In 2012 Eric helped expand a chain of rock climbing gyms after his daughter started competing in sport climbing at the national level.

In 2013 Eric help fund the acquisition of Genesis Audio which is a high-end audio-visual company.

In 2017 Eric started a digital marketing company called Zasady to help entrepreneurs stop getting ripped off by digital marketing providers.  Zasady is focused on providing integrated digital marketing services in an open, transparent and collaborative way.  They have figured out the four main principles that determine how high companies rank on search engines.  Zasady specializes in analysing the four principles of digital marketing to help entrepreneurs outrank their competition  at the top of Google.

In 2018 Eric joined the executive team of The Windsor Companies to help develop an integrated marketing and PR strategy in order to spread the vision of this vertically integrated real estate and development company.  The Windsor Companies uses a collaborative approach to transform architectural gems into innovative spaces and thriving communities.

Eric developed a desire to help people around the world at a very young age.  He used to save his lunch money in elementary school and send it to Africa in order to support the child of a struggling family.

When Eric was in high school he lived on a sailboat with his father and developed a love for adventure and deep immersive experiences.  From his early 20’s he started going on climbing and mountaineering adventures all over the world.

The next phase of his life is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs with integrated marketing strategies and providing a platform for entrepreneurs to contribute back to the greater good.


Alex Dorsey

Alex is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Windsor Companies, a vertically integrated set of development and construction companies.  He demonstrated an entrepreneurial spirit from the time he was young, purchasing and remodeling his first home at the age of 18. He credits his early work experience in both construction and real estate development with teaching him the importance of hard work, attention to detail and building a high performing team.  He expanded his portfolio of real estate assets through innovation and acquisition.

Under Mr. Dorsey’s leadership, The Windsor Companies has evolved into an approximately $100 million dollars of assets under management with expertise in both residential and commercial development, management and construction. Windsor now owns and manages over 1,000 residential units and more than 500,000 square feet of commercial space.

Throughout his career, Alex has been committed to making a difference in the community through local economic development and community collaboration.

Krzysztof Turowski

Krzysztof Turowski

Krzysztof, born in Poland, started his first web development company at age 17.

During his college years, he developed an online education system for MBA students and graduated with a thesis about Semantic Web. He holds an MSc degree in Computer Science.

After moving to the United States from Europe, his role as a Web Developer, UI and UX Designer was essential in helping to build an Inc 500 company from scratch (starting with three employees and becoming the 24th fastest growing private company in the US within two years).

He is a founding member of a digital marketing agency called Zasady.

Krzysztof is passionate about sailing. He crossed the Atlantic in 2013, which turned out to be a prelude to meeting his wife and moving back to Poland (after living in the Dominican Republic for a few years). They continue to live in Warsaw with their dog Freka and are currently focusing most of their attention on their newborn son. He believes that sailing has taught him many lessons, many of which he strives to apply in both business and everyday life.

He’s always been active in assisting others in both his neighbourhoods as well as in distant countries around the World and finding optimal ways to find long-term solutions to everyday problems.

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